A Short History of Blackpool

When we review the dance competitions during the year we can not overlook the most historically dance event, Blckpool Dance Festival. Starting with its first edition in the easter week of 1920 year, this had a great contribution in dancesport development.

Dancing started in the Express Ballroom of Winter Garden with three types of sequence dances: waltz, two steps and foxtrot.

This event has been developed along the years so that in 1931 it was included North of England Professional and Amateur Championship. Sequence competitions has grown as popularity and in Octomber 1950 the Winter Gardens Company decided to hold an Old Time Ball wich this was considered to be the 1st Blackpool Sequence Dance Festival.

An important step in developing of Blackpool Dance Festival was the introduction of Latin American Dancing in 1960s.

The 1970s were characterized by increasing number of foreign competitors who came to Blackpool.

As of the early 21st century the festival is held in May. During the 8 days it covers Ballroom and Latin American dancing, and incorporates the British Open Championships in categories of adult amateur and professional couples and formation teams.

In 2005 two new categories were introduced: the British Rising Star Amateur Ballroom and Latin Competitions. Two invitation events, the Professional Team Match and the Exhibition Competition, create much interest.

nicole staffin