Thoughts About Taking Group Classes...

It is possible to become a good dancer only taking group classes, but one must “enjoy the journey” and not rush through the levels. 

Even with regular private lessons, a student should spend 18 -24 months in Level 1-5 group classes. Without private lessons to reinforce good habits and technique a student should spend at least 3 years or more in Level 1-5 classes. 

Our best dancers have spent a minimum of one full year in Levels 1&2 and continue to stay in bronze level classes 5-6 years later. Classes are not just about memorizing patterns – they are about training your body to look natural, comfortable, and attractive on the dancefloor, and making your partner look and feel just as good!

Our group class system takes a student through the Dance Vision American style syllabus in a structured manner, allowing patterns, technique, form, and style to develop together over time. As Vince Lombardi once said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. We urge our students to allow their bodies and minds to “practice perfectly” by progressing methodically through the group class levels.

chris thompson