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 Mariel Quevedo

Mariel began her dance career as an instructor at Starlite Ballroom in Sunnyvale California, where she taught private lessons in American Smooth, American Rhythm, and nightclub two-step.

When Mariel left Starlite to complete her undergraduate degree at Cornell University, she joined the Cornell Dancesport Team as an instructor and club organizer. She taught group classes on campus and competed in intercollegiate events for three years as both a leader and a follower, ultimately reaching the Gold level in Smooth and Rhythm. Mariel’s favorite part of college competition was the “fun dance” category which included creative events such as Balloon Quickstep, Back-to-back Tango, and Endurance Polka. Mariel and her two partners were Three-Person Cha-Cha champions in 2002.

Mariel took a hiatus from her dance career to become a registered nurse. She has worked primarily in behavioral health and Medicare claims review.

Before coming to Elegant Dancing, Mariel taught private lessons and group classes at Mosaic Ballroom in Fairfax Virginia.