Group Classes

Our group classes are a fun and affordable way to learn dancing, so bring your dance shoes and a sense of humor while you learn and make lifelong friends! We offer three levels of classes throughout the week: Beginner classes teach fundamentals and basic patterns for the newer dancer; Intermediate classes stress more intricate patterns and technique to make you look and feel great on the dance floor; Advanced classes are for the hobbiest who wants to take dancing to the highest level possible.

We use the Dance Vision Syllabus for teaching our group classes so students can purchase videos as study aids.

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Description of Levels

The Beginner Level Group Classes

In Beginner Level classes students learn basic steps in Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Swing, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Salsa and Hustle. Our classes stress fundamentals of lead and follow, dance frame and posture, and the character of each dance. Beginner students are expected to linger at the beginner level for at least 6 months, but may progress faster with supplemental private lessons.

Intermediate Level Group Classes

At the Intermediate level, dancers begin to move out of the mechanical phase of learning and start to develop a more natural, spontaneous appearance. Fundamentals such as lead/follow, posture, frame, Cuban motion, alignments, footwork, etc are still stressed while more advanced patterns and techniques are introduced. We recommend that students spend a full year at the Intermediate level but may move ahead faster with regular private lessons. Intermediate level classes move much faster than the beginner level as we assume students have achieved solid fundamentals in our Beginner classes.

Advanced Level Group Classes

Students are encouraged to stay in the Advanced classes for years as we constantly review the fundamentals, upgrading technique in everything from the basic to the most complex competitive pattern. Wednesday at 7:00pm is an open bronze class where students learn hundreds of new combinations, always improving the techniques that make dancing fun and beautiful to watch. Friday at 7:00 is a Silver level class which introduces continuity styling and more intricate patterns for the hard-core enthusiast! Students who take regular private lessons may move to the Advanced level with permission from their primary teacher, Chris or Lee..

Some Thoughts About Taking Group Classes…

Would you take a karate class and expect to be a black belt in six months? Would you take cooking classes and call yourself a gourmet cook after a year? In the same way, learning to dance is a process that takes time. 

It is possible to become a good dancer only taking group classes, but one must “enjoy the journey” and not rush through the levels. Even with regular private lessons, a student should expect to spend at least 6 months in Beginner, 12 months in Intermediate and 2 years in Advanced group classes. Without private lessons to reinforce good habits and technique a student should expect to linger in the various levels much longer. Classes are not just about memorizing patterns – they are about training your body to look natural, comfortable, and attractive on the dancefloor, and making your partner look and feel just as good!

Our group class system takes a student through the Dance Vision American style syllabus in a structured manner, allowing patterns, technique, form, and style to develop together over time. As Vince Lombardi once said, “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect”. We urge our students to allow their bodies and minds to “practice perfectly” by progressing methodically through the group class levels.