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Call or email to let us know your coming. 703-281-0395.

Call or email to let us know your coming. 703-281-0395.

Call: 703-281-0395 or Email:

Call: 703-281-0395 or Email:

We want you to try us out, with no strings attached. Try one of our Free Summer deals, including three ways to learn and enjoy: Private Instruction. Group Classes and a Practice Dance Party.

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August 2019 Level 1

Get a great deal on our Level 1 bundle of group classes. This sampler includes 22 fifty-five minute classes in all the dances you'll need to stand out at your next event. It's a lot of dancing at this free, no risk price!

· All August group classes must be used in August

· Missed group classes do not roll over to the next month

· No credits or refunds will be given for missed classes

Current students pay only $99 for this amazing offer!

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Free Beginner Group Class & Dance Party

July 28th, 1-3:30 pm

Part of our free weekend, July 27 & 28. Free beginner class from 1-2 pm. Learn all the elements of good dancing in 1 hour then stay for a fun beginner-friendly dance party with mini lessons, line dancing, raffles and special incentives 2-3:30 pm. Bring your dance-curious friends and enjoy a great afternoon of dancing in a positive, friendly atmosphere. All dancers/levels welcome! Call or email to let us know your coming. 703-281-0395.


Special First-Timer Private Lesson Rates:

5 Private Lessons $389

10 Private Lessons $760


Strictly Beginners

Strictly Beginners Group Classes

Brand new to dancing? Try our Strictly Beginners group classes every Friday at 7:00pm. You'll learn basics in a new dance each week. These classes are different from our regular curriculum classes as there is no need to enroll in a series since the dances change each week. Perfect for your spontaneous schedule and a great introduction to all the dances!

Free for first-timers. Only $10 drop-in.

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