OUR story

As long-time instructors and studio owners, we wanted to create a place where social dancing was emphasized and individual attention was the key to every dancer's success.

We opened our doors in 2011 and within a few months, Elegant Dancing began to grow. The favorable response to our client-centered and fun-first approach was well received by area dancers.

Before we knew it, students and teachers sought us out for private lessons, group classes, practice parties and social outings. We became a regular part of their lives, and in turn, they became a regular part of ours. 

When the time was right, we moved our home from Vienna to Fairfax, and over the years, we've been lucky enough to witness the growth of hundreds of dancers.

Today, our students participate in workshops, demonstrate their training in Spotlights, perform in front of crowds at our bi-annual Spring and Fall showcase, and compete around the country at Dancesport Championships.

As we have grown to employ some of the most sought-after instructors in the area, we have maintained our humble mission to create a place for dancers to call home.